Compound Mitre Saws

Compound Mitre Saws are among the most used power tools used across the world. From wood to steel, as well as aluminum—all can be cut with the high power performance delivered by Compound Mitre Saws. At Audel, we provide you the best options in this segment. These extensively tested saws are excellent performers and they have won the trust of professional jobsite professionals and DIY users.

Providing You the Best
Audel has brought together various manufacturers and distributors to establish a unique network—it helps Audel attain the best tools for you and sell them at reasonable prices. This includes Compound Mitre Sawsinculcated with heavy-duty motors, aimed at delivering extended power and durability. These saws can even take upon cutting steel and nail-embedded surfaces using different blade combinations.

Audel—the Compound Mitre Saw Specialist
At Audel, you get the advantage of choosing from an array of options, systematically indexed and categorized. The smart search option means you can browse through numerous options within seconds. This includes models with  stainless steel detent plate and solid  guide fencing. We have created a stock that includes the best of the brands—reputed manufacturers that have a global presence at jobsites that dedicatedly use power tools. Audel also helps you make a superior selection by displaying technical information such as the speed range and cutting teeth. Some of these saws might need the occasional lubrication with specialist oils. However, most of these need minimal maintenance.

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