Cordless Planers

Carrying power sockets everywhere at a jobsite is just not practical, particularly when you are building decks or pursuing similar activities where the need for power tools is beyond the realm of the existing site’s working bays. This is why cordless tools, like Cordless Planers, have become a staple at most professionally maintained jobsites. These are useful for nearly every heavy-duty machinery user.

Audel Has A Lot To Offer
Audel brings to you a vast collection of Cordless Planers chosen from the best of contemporary brands to ensure you get a smooth liner tool surface every time. Somewhat like the lathe, the planer can be made more efficient with some easily available accessories. Audel’s inventory of Cordless Planers and dedicated accessories includes leading brands like Makita, offering hi-tech models at the most reasonable prices.

Blessed With New Features
At Audel, you get to choose from the best of international Cordless Planer providers. You can browse through models that operate on 14.4 Volts batteries rather than regular 18 Volts batteries. Our Cordless Power tools are easy and safe to use overtime with security shut-off features. Moreover, you can also look for blade replacement options at this online resource for cordless tools. Easy to use, some of these models also feature groove in the baseplate, helping you chamfer the edges along any angle!

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