Demolition Saws

Demolition Saws are highly powered saws, which can easily cut through the toughest surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, metal, pipes, pavers, and bricks. These saws are ideal for heavy-duty application sites, used only by professional tool users and experts, critical, considering the immense power these tools pack!

Audel has been topping the charts of global distributors for hi-grade, heavy-duty machinery procured from leading tool manufacturers and international brands with a legacy of delivering 100% customer satisfaction. Audel provides demolition saws for both wet and dry cutting assignments. All the offerings in this segment feature impressive portability, compactness and dust-free operation. You can look for the best, heavy-duty specialist saws that use Combination Blades and are capable of cutting through virtually any surface.

With an inventory dedicated to Demolition Saws, Audel helps you select the best saws, analyzed across various parameters, like two stroke or four stroke motor, depth of cut and weight. Fine-tuned for the highest productivity with minimal power intake from air-cooled 2-stroke / 4-stroke engines, these saws feature 14" and 16" blade guards. Besides offering such saws with many technical options, Audel’s portfolio contains nearly every standard cordless power tool used in jobsites across the globe.