Fibre Cement Shears

Fiber Cement is a special compound heavier than vinyl siding or engineered wood and lighter than real wood or stone. It needs special handling particularly when cutting or slicing it for different applications. Cutting Fiber Cement is best handled with tough, high-powered cement shears.

At Audel, you get high-end cement shears that can cut through cement sidings of varying thicknesses. These single-piece shears are very easy to carry and use. Machined from the toughest materials that can easily withstand the abuse of heavy-duty environment associated with construction and manufacturing sites, these shears are meant for the long haul, needing minimal maintenance and very durable.  Please read ahead and explore the wide range of power-driven Fiber Cement Shears at our online store.

Audel is one of the most influential online entities in the niche of high-performance tools, including cement shears with reversible blades. At this Australian web store, you get the convenience of finding all the trusted global brands at a single, easy-to-search web resource. This includes brands like Puma, Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Metabo. Branded fiber cement shears have high-end features like dust bags, larger blade guards, and reservoir enclosure that enable optimum dust-free jobsite performance.   

Promising clean, precise cuts, power shears listed in this category offer you the best of cordless performance and quick charging. For faster and dust free cuts please spend a few minutes to view Audel’s high-performance Fiber Cement Shears that are listed at the most competitive rates.  

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