Finishing Sanders

Finishing Sander is among the smartest, most handy power tools that makes many everyday jobsite tasks easier. Audel being a worldwide provider of power tools has a wide range of Finishing Sanders on offer.

Operated by an electric motor, these sanders are the perfect fit for any heavy-duty tool kit, particularly those used at woodworking jobsites. For woodworkers, the belt sander is among the most useful tools,  since it can quickly smoothen the edges and handles flat, larger surfaces with amazing ease. This includes the more demanding gang sanding where the risk of cross-grain scratching is comprehensively neutralized.

Our sanders come with the promise of utmost safety, where you can place a sheet of sandpaper within the twin jaws without any risk. Commonly found in woodshops, these sanders have become a standard choice for removing old finishing layers, stains, varnishes, or spots of paint. Using different types of coarse grit belts that are also available on this online store, you can achieve the required level of smoothness in minimal time. At Audel, you get the latest range of finishing sanders where chances of the abrasive belt getting clogged is at the bare minimum.

You can choose from standard sizes, i.e. sanders with conventionally sized belts, measuring up to 4 x 24 inches. Our sanders are the ideal combination of balance, power, and speed, equally safe for those with smaller hands and experienced tool users.

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