Foam Rubber Cutters

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Foam rubber cutters are used in different production applications, helping trained personnel cut through foam rubber of various densities and some types of carpeting materials, besides plastic foams. Perfected for heavy-duty applications with varying production cutting capabilities, these rubber cutters provide precision up to millimeters, ensuring you get sharp and accurate cuts for similar materials like gummed horsehair.  

Most of the rubber cutters are sold without their dedicated blades and guides but occasionally, you can find some great packaged deals on our store. Low on noise and vibration, foam rubber cutters displayed on this page come with four different blade lengths to ensure you can handle a wide range of material thickness. This includes some standard choices like the reciprocating twin-blade action cutters that are used across the world.

Audel strives to provide you any advances made in the powered tools category. For this, we have tool experts dedicated to the cause of exploring and procuring the best and latest tool technologies. Among foam rubber cutters, this includes progressive options like the tool-free blade change system that makes blade changing an easier and safer experience. Other appreciated features include double layer insulation, thin motor housing for a better grip, paddle switches for easier activation & engagement of tool, and lock-on options that are a big help during extended usage.