Soldering is a very important industrial process used extensively in electronic as well as mechanical processes. Soldering provides a permanent connection between metal items by filling a filler material called solder, without melting the work pieces. Heavy volume industrial applications use the process of soldering to large extent to perform installations, production works on electronics lines. These processes require high quality, high strength soldering irons that can easily handle even the most delicate, high precision soldering tasks.

Types of Soldering Irons on Offer
Audel is a prominent online store for high end industrial and power tools, based in Australia. We have a huge collection of high quality soldering irons and soldering kits to cater to wide industrial demands. Audel offers you versatile soldering irons, heat tool kit, soldering tweezers, soldering guns at market best prices with a assurance of quality and durability.

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We ensure that every product is delivered on time to our customers as we value their time and job responsibility. We are very transparent about our policies because for us, customers are the priority and maintaining trust is our aim.

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