Torque Wrenches

A torque wrench is a special tool to be used for torque applications such as fastening and fixing. These wrenches are similar like socket wrenches with specific internal mechanisms. The very first Torque Wrenches are designed to prevent over-tightening bolts on water main and steam pipe repairs underground. Since, Industrial Torque Wrenches are used for tightening screws, bolts and pipe fittings underground. If you are planning to buy Torque Wrenches online, then visiting Audel would be apt.

Audel Power Tools is a reputed Australian web store that has been dealing in a wide range of industrial torque wrenches online. With headquarters in Australia, Audel has been expanding its business operations for over four decades. Our e-store specializes in the finest range of torque wrenches procured from topmost brands. Besides offering functional advantages, Audel has been constantly updating its shipping policies. Audel has an easy-to-estimate shipping tab, which lets you pre-calculate your shipping charges accordingly.

Be it a very critical case of measuring bolt tension or covering any loop for uncalibrated friction, Audel is your ultimate online destination to explore for Branded Torque Wrenches.