Wall Chasers

Wall chasers have become an integral part of tooling environments. Audel realizes the complex world of wall chasers where disc-based chargers are the preferred option. At Audel, we have the advantage of tooling expertise of more than four decades. This helps us evaluate and stock power tools with more accuracy. Here, good ergonomics is usually under the scanner.

Types of Wall Chasers
The chaser should be able to cut deep grooves, usually up to 65 mm deep and almost half as wide to be called a truly international standard chaser. Our wall chasers are tough and able to cut through the most common jobsite surfaces, ranging from concrete and masonry to stone. The lighter versions are easy to grip and carry for cutting cable ducts or water, gas and heating pipes.

Cut To Chase and Get Great Deals Only on Audel
Audel understands the dynamics of a typical tooling environment. It chooses wall chasers that can execute neat cuts without much fuss. This includes the ability to handle different materials like thermalite, plaster, and brick.

Audel has an eye for assessing the quality indicators. This helps us choose the best options for you. For instance, the switch gear’s resistance of dusting the ingress is of paramount importance but often overlooked. These are professional-level chasers that can run for long hours without any risk of overheating or wayward cuts.

At Audel, you get the assurance of finding a chaser for all chasing jobs. This includes walls that present hard-to-reach works spots. Audel is constantly updating its inventory of robust, reliable and power tools like wall chasers that can easily take upon the hardest applications like cutting into paving bricks, conduits, and embedded wires.

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