Air Compressor Motors

Audel is one of the well known names in the power tools segment across Australia. If you are looking for Compressor Motors, Audel will help you get the best deal from the best brands in the market. These motors are the main component of an Air Compressor that is used in various kinds of commercial, industrial, manufacturing and personal purposes. The main function of these Compressor Motors is to compress air to increase the pressure of the air.

Compressor Motors in Brief
Compressor Motors can be termed as the nerve center of an Air Compressor that use different kind of power like electric, petrol, gasoline or else to compress air in order to gain kinetic energy. The kinetic energy thus achieved is then used in a variety of industrial and commercial uses like driving pneumatic tools, altering chemical composition and else. Compressor Motors are found in two different forms - Positive displacement and Negative displacement. We offer a wide variety of Compressor motors to power your Air Compressor.

Compressor Motors from The Best Brands
We, at Audel, offer the best of Air Compressors that hail from industry leading brands like Puma Industrial Tool Co., Fasco and CMG. With a power output that ranges from 2 HP to 7.5 HP, we offer Compressors that suit a wide range of needs. The operating speed of these motors ranges from 1,440 rpm to 2,850 rpm. From heavy duty Compressor Motors to smaller ones, Audel offers one of the widest range of motors under one roof. You can now choose your desired compressor motor from a wide range of motors that are discussed in detail at our online store at a market leading price.

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