Screwdriving Bits & Accessories

Screw-driving Bits are the manual or powered tools for turning, driving and removing screws. Almost all the modern electrical appliances contain screws, so, it won’t be a surprise if there is at least one screwdriver each in every household. A screwdriver has a handle and a shaft, usually made of tough steel, to resist bending or twisting and a tip to insert into the screw head to turn it. Some tips might be hardened to resist wear while some tips might be magnetic so that the screw remains attached to the screwdriver without the need for external force. We, here at Audel, offer various types of high quality screwdrivers online to suit your requirements best.

Large Catalogue of Screwdrivers and Accessories
We are proud to say that we have one of the largest catalogue for various screwdrivers and accessories in our Tool Accessories. As all the screwdrivers’ tips come in ranges of sizes; we have all the types of tips ranging from a ‘slot’, ‘Phillips’, ‘Square’, ‘Hex’, ‘Hex socket’ to ‘Torx’ and ‘Double square’ tips, to name a few. You can buy just the head of the screwdriver or a set of screwdrivers according to your choice. Various screw-driving sets and accessories.

Get Best Deals at Audel Online Store
Audel is one of the most trusted names in industrial tools because we provide only tools made from A-grade materials from trusted brands such as Makita, Hitachi, etc. Browse through our large catalogue of Tool accessories and buy them online at our store at the best deals.

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