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This is the updated catalogue of different tools, gear and accessories available on this online store. Audel Power Tools is Australia’s preferred choice for online or in-store shopping for power tools, particularly industrial tools employed at bigger manufacturing facilities. Audel’s online store engages the attention of global shoppers, including those who are looking for discounted deals on handheld and air tools.

Comprehensive Range of Power Tools, Industrial Equipment & Accessories
This catalogue provides an insight about the type of exhaustive inventory maintained by Audel. Whether you are shopping at our physical store or online store, even via mobile, be assured that the availability aspect is regularly updated. We never over-promise or under-deliver. We use different manual and automated processes to ensure that out-of-stock or low-stock tools are listed with proper indicators to clarify about the limited or low availability. Please watch this space as we continue to add more to our increasing inventory.

Browsing this Online Catalogue
The most trafficked section of this catalogue categorizes all products listed and sold on this web store according to respective brands. This is the preferred online shopping method for power tools today where customers have invested their faith in a few, popular brands. To ensure that you never have a deficiency of choices, we procure electrically powered and manual tools from emerging brands too, i.e. industrial tool brands that are making all the right noises.

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