Audel has been addressing energy requirements of many industrial and manufacturing facilities for the last four decades, fully understanding the criticality of cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions for different applications. From minimal-load warehousing facilities to bigger residential spaces and heavy industries, Audel has served the entire gamut of generator requirements.

Buy Heavy-duty Generators from the Specialists
Audel follows a policy of choosing generators engineered with an emphasis on being easy to deploy and durable. Audel is creating a portfolio of new-age generators from leading global brands. This includes generators with LP configurations and those running on gas or diesel. Each of these generators has been tested for performing in stressful environments found at production facilities. These generators have been tested for sustained, safe use and the ability to be tuned to different output requirements.

Browse this section for finding generators with different voltage capabilities. Most of these can be configured according to on-site demands. Compact in construction, often with mobility aids, most of the high-performance generators listed here run quietly with progressive power management technology at their core, like throttle management. From general lighting to running appliances, we have generators for every power requirement!

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