Nearly every a jobsite needs drilling of some type, irrespective of the scale or nature of its operations. Drills are among the most commonly used electrically powered tools. Audel brings to you the largest online collection of drills—ranging from conventional drills to the latest introductions. The idea is to provide every drill that makes your work safer and faster.

Most of the conventional drills at Audel are designed to ensure minimal maintenance requirements. Our high-end Pneumatic Drills category continues to attraction increasingly bigger orders. Procured from tool manufacturing giants such as Chicago, Atlas, and Puma, these pneumatic drills meet and exceed the global standards for perfectly engineered power tools. Our selection of drills includes different types of drills such as In-line Drills, Pistol Drills, and Reversible Drills too.

At, you get to choose Industrial Air Drills from a wide range of speed and power levels. These drills can be availed with varying chuck types and handle construction materials. Sporting an ergonomic composite housing, this air drill is responsible for lesser vibration. With hand features like textured rubber grips, these drills provide insulation from cold temperatures and help to neutralize the vibrations.

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