Vacuum Lifting Cups

Handheld vacuum cups can easily move production materials, heavy appliances and various other awkward loads from one place to other. These handheld pressure cups can target atmospheric pressure into a grip for lifting up heavy machinery from one place to other.

Based in Australia, Audel has been one of the finest online stores that are engaged in retailing vacuum cups and helping accessories. Catering to your different power tool needs, Audel has a specific segment of hand-operated Vacuum Cups, procured from top brands in the tooling sector.  Every item has specific and easy to understand shipping details, which ensure complete clarity at the time of delivery.
These Power-Grip vacuum cups can be used to carry office furniture, LED TVs, glass, stone and other types of non-porous smooth surfaces. These vacuum cups ensure quick attachment to every type of to curved as well as irregular surfaces. Audel provides these vacuum cups in different diameters from 1-1/4 to 10 inches [32 mm–25 cm, making it suitable for every handling assignment.

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