Audel has emerged as the most aggressively expanding online marketplace for industrial laser solutions. We are the leaders in dwelling into new laser-based technologies and handpick the safest, most efficient options for different applications, from materials processing to modeling, geo-sensing, and manufacturing.

The industrial / manufacturing level laser solutions are yet to emerged in a uniform manner. We are trying to define this marketplace, constantly updating our inventory with a wide range of laser-using tools and exploring new laser tools used in parallel industry, like environmental exploration or remote sensing. We take care to provide the entire range of laser levels and distance laser from entry-level laser applications like welding to more advanced choices like construction lasers.

Buying from the Specialists in Laser Tools
Audel is slowing expanding its inventory of laser solutions. The idea is to stack up goods as per the rising demands. We see a lot of potential in the niche of laser-fueled applications—drilling, cutting, micro-machining, welding, safety, and surface treatment.

At Audel, you get the assurance of laser levels resourced from well-established brands. Our laser tools and accessories, ranging from beaming projectors to tripods and dedicated stands are tested for global benchmarks of quality.

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