Disc Sanders

Audel is the preferred international online resource for power tools resourced from the biggest manufactures and brands that have a global reputation. A Disc Sander comes close to being a compact, stationary machine that consists of replaceable circular shaped sandpaper attached to a wheel. Getting its power from an electric motor or compressed air, Disc Sanders are the first option for smoothening materials like different types of woods and plastics. Audel, the global leader in the category of online power tool providers puts topmost emphasis on your safety while you use these disc sanders, as it is can be a dangerous machine if safety is ignored.

A Tool Full of Utility
With and ideally balanced design for steady sanding, Audel’s disc sander is used usually to smoothen the wooden work piece, though other materials can also be shaped and worked on such as plastics, metals and other soft materials. The disc sander is fixed on a front bench that can be adjusted to various angles. It can be used for rough and fine sanding depending on the sanding grit you have applied.

Audel, Delivering Fully Loaded Power Tools
Audel strives hard to maintain the global standards for power tool performance. This means systematic stock inspection and customer feedbacks that is collated for mining useful information. Audel’s exclusive disc sanders can also be used to remove small amounts of jobsite refuse/waste material. You get advanced features like variable speed dial that help to select an optimum speed for a range of applications. With Audel, you are sure to get compact and power tools where better handling, more durability and workplace effectiveness are an assurance.

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