Magnetic Tool Holders

Magnetic Tool Holders are special power tools with heavy duty permanent magnet assemblies. These heavy-duty permanent magnets can hold large or small tools and metal parts in a fixed and firm place. These Magnetic Tool Holders are designed to install in workshops, garages, manufacturing facilities as well as maintenance sites. These Magnetic Tool Holders can be easily installed inside trucks and vans for keeping tools at one place with utmost ease. To enjoy similar ease, you can explore Audel Power Tools for buying Magnetic Tool Holders online.

Easy Mounting with Audel’s Best Sellers
Easy to mount, our Magnetic Tool Holders can be firmly held in place using welded tabs. These Magnetic Tool Holders are considered a much better option over metal clips and rubber strips, owing to their durability. Using these tool holders is easy and can be mounted anywhere with optimum pulling strength.

Options Available At Audel
Our Magnetic Tool Holders come with such powerful and effective magnets that can hold tools and ferrous objects without putting much effort. These Tool holders protect the tools from falling on floor. Audel provides these tool holders in different 8in., 12in. and 18in. sizes.

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