Demolition Hammers


A Demolition Hammer is a pneumatic or electro-mechanical tool, the ideal combination of a hammer and chisel for maximum impact in the least amount of time. Common found in concrete removal applications, demolition hammers are primarily assessed for their power delivery, ability to function for longer hours, and the vibration control systems. Audel presents a range of Demolition Hammers for your consideration. From chiseling to all-day demolition applications, these hammers function at par with the international benchmarks for these power tools.

The Range to Exercise Your Choice
At Audel, you have the luxury of browsing and comparing different Demolition Hammer to make a well-informed choice. These are available in circle sizes ranging from 12 lb to 65 lb. These power hammers come with the ergonomic handles for a safe and firm grip. New features in this segment include variable speed dials and speed trigger controls. With better vibration control and the best of power to weight ratio, you can feel confident about optimal performance. Most of the models listed here have Brushless Motors as the main source of power. These power hammers hit harder, come with advanced dust protection features, and you get the best in transfer of impact energy.

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