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​4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Cordless Tools

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Brushless Cordless motor

4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Cordless Tools

Cordless tools are widely regarded as the better, more evolved version of

motored tools that need electrical wires. Yes, cordless tools provide the

advantage of anytime, anywhere use but there is some thing you should keep

in mind when buying them. Firstly, heavy-duty options in this segment are not

meant for everybody. You need to have some degree of expertise to handle

them. Secondly, a power tool needs to be selected after evaluating your

standard requirements, ranging from drilling holes to driving screws and sawing

wooden beams.

Getting Started

You need to rethink about the type of battery on offer. Electrically powered

cordless tools used for routine jobs like hanging the shelf or cutting plywood

are better off with the standard, Ni-Cad batteries. For occasional power tool

applications, these batteries serve the purpose. You can also search for online

discount deals on Ni Cad batteries to make a bargain purchase. However, this is

just the basics when you have made up your mind to buy cordless tools.

Please read ahead to understand other factors that are critical to make a

wiser, well-informed decision when purchasing cordless tools...

1. Consider the More Evolved Choice: Lithium Batteries

Gradually, Lithium-Ion batteries are replacing the use of nickel cadmium

batteries for cordless tools. Tests and research studies have established that a

lithium-ion battery is expensive but smaller, lightweight, and lasts up to two-

three discharge times along with a longer lifecycle. Ni-cad batteries are bulkier

with a lesser lifespan. Inserting a new battery can be a great way to infuse

energy and efficiency in your aging cordless tools. If you own a NiCad tool,

then using standard Li-ion batteries is a great option. These Li-ion batteries are

quite inexpensive and are universally compatible for most cordless tools. Li-on

batteries are often marketed as “Fade-Free Charge” batteries. However, the

fact is that their slowdown is better concealed and not so obvious.

2. Fuel-gauge Battery Charger

Along with the type of battery used, the battery charger is an important

consideration. Overusing the battery without charging it in time can drastically

reduce its lifespan. It is always better to purchase battery chargers featuring

a Fuel Gauge. The fuel gauge lets you have a clear idea about the charge

remaining in the battery.

3. Brushless Motor

Brushless motor is one of the major reasons for smoother, more agile

functioning of cordless tools. This motor works more efficiently than other

contemporary options. It has a 50 percent longer runtime as compared to the

usual, brushed motors.

4. Search for a Trusted Store

You need to search for a vendor of powered cordless tools who can be trusted

in terms of sharing wisdom about this segment and offering reliable products,

free from defects. Searching for an online store is a better option. You can

easily make an online comparison for different web stores offering such

products. Try to identify an online store that offers all types of cordless power

tools, including spares and replacements. Audel Tools is one such store that has

earned the goodwill of customers and offers the entire range of cordless tools,

ranging from workshop to power tools and accessories.

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