Straight Grinders

Straight Grinders are counted among standard power tools used at jobsites and workshops with recurring need to polish, hone, or grind various materials like metals, plastics and woods. These power tools consist of a powerful motor that helps the grinding wheel attached to the revolving tip to rotate at fast speed. For varying grinding requirements, from professional worksite to DIY-level applications, Audel covers the entire range of Straight Grinders, from the very light options to heavy-duty models that can take upon nearly every surface, natural or manmade.

Get the best Selection of Straight Grinders
Audel offers the latest in the niche of cordless, handheld Straight Grinders, including those that offer the ease of controlling the speed of the rotating wheels. You can use these powerful grinders for grinding and polishing hard-to-access internal surfaces associated with elaborate mechanical and engineering applications.

Audel offers a wide range of Straight Grinding Power Tools, engineered for precision without compromising the safety of users. All straight grinders offered here come with some common features, such as:

•    Durable & robust grinding wheel cover/casing that protects against accidental slips
•    Powerful motor offering high load speed of up to 6,800 rpm
•    Durable and high quality gears
•    Ergonomically designed barrels for ease of handling
•    Auto cut out carbon brush to protect the motor

From the Top Leading Brands
With over four decades of expertise in evaluating, resourcing, and retailing the best industrial quality tools, Audel has emerged as the preferred choice for cost-conscious and quality-focused tools. This includes Straight Grinders from the best brands like Bosch, Fein, Hitachi, Ken, Makita, etc.

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