Hearing Protection

Hearing is very important when it comes to industrial assignments.  Carrying functional hearing protection devices can let your ears function well without any exposure to loud noise levels. When worn properly, these hearing devices reduce the decibel level to reach your ears. Suiting different industries, hearing protection devices can be of three types - ear muffs, ear plugs and canal caps.

Earmuffs are hearing protection devices, which are made from thermoplastic or metal to suit your varying requirements. Mostly, in the form of a headband, these ear muffs can easily fit over your head. These are adjusted to cover both of your ears externally.

Earplugs are mostly suited for small scale jobsite applications and DIY assignments. These earplugs are inserted into your ear to avoid the intrusion of water, foreign bodies, dust as well as sharp winds.

Canal Caps
Canal Caps are ear protection devices, which can flexibly fit and plug into your ear canal. These canal caps can only extend till the closest ear opening. If you are planning to buy these hearing protection devices for industries online, then look for Audel. Audel Power Tools is an Australian power tool retailer, which provides branded Ear protection safety tools at the most competitive prices.

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