Biscuit Plate Joiners

Also called the Plate Joiner, the Biscuit Plate Joiner has made it to the league of standard woodworking tools that are used for small and big projects where multiple pieces of wood are handled. Audel has emerged as the leading supplier of woodworking power tools. This includes the cordless and corded variety with a special emphasis on high power, low energy consuming and very precise cordless tools that are fast becoming the norm.

A slightly traditional tool, the plate joiner has slowly evolved over the decades. Now much more compact and very powerful, the contemporary Biscuit Plate Joiner uses a small blade for forking out holes in pieces of woods. This is an integral part of all exercises related to creating wood composite panels. Audel continues to update its inventory with the latest Biscuit Plate Joiners, resourced from the top manufacturers in this segment. These are handpicked tools from premium brands with a history of delivering beyond the customer’s expectation.

Audel sells the best-performing Biscuit Plate Joiner, those that are capable of handling different types of wooden boards. This includes medium density fibreboards apart from different types of plywoods, particle-boards. Application includes handling mortise and tenon joints. Choose Audel for original power tools at the best prices.        

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