Impact Wrenches

Cordless Electric Impact Wrenches are among the best of precision-focused electrical power tools that are being used in jobsites across the world. Powered by the latest types of batteries, these wrenches have become a worksite necessity, including construction work. Audel brings to you the latest range of Cordless Electric Impact Wrenches, procured from leading brands that have a proven expertise in this segment.

Moving away from conventional batteries, Audel has chosen its wrenches with quick charging and slow charge-losing batteries. This means longer, uninterrupted usage. Yes, these wrenches might be slightly slower than their air-driven counterparts but cordless electrical wrenches present the utility of being used in the most inaccessible application areas, including tight corners and vertically challenging requirements.

Audel ensures that you get the best of cordless wrenches that have maximized this advantage of portability. This is why Audel is constantly shipping cordless wrenches to production sites where on-the-go repairs are often required. Among all types of impact wrenches, cordless option is recommended for the seriously jammed, rusted screws. These wrenches are better at maneuvering around the area of application and removing the screws without damaging them. This is because they deliver lower torque along with more control options—the ideal scenario for intricate applications.

Our range of Cordless Electric Impact Wrenches is used across different industries, from automobile repair shops to product assemble lineups, from heavy equipment maintenance job to construction sites. Available in all standard socket wrench drive sizes, from 1/4" to 3.5", we offer you wrenches that address most requirements.

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