Engraving Pens


Writing, marking, and highlighting for a more systematic segregation or identification purposes is a common demand across jobsites of all types. Now, you get the freedom of engraving the text rather easily on a large array of materials—glass, wood, steel, plaster, rocks, plastics, hardened steel and marble. Audel brings to you the best of industrial engraving pens collected from globally trusted manufacturers.

Audel makes the effort of creating an excellent online shopping experience for all tooling requirements. This includes engraving tools like pens that blend efficiency with comfort, making them a favorite among professional tool users. These manually engraving tools are easy to handle. The grip is rather comfortable and you get the option of writing as per your requirement. As a handheld engraving tool, the pen uses extremely hard substances for its tip—the most important parameters for its overall efficiency. Unlike sandblasting pens that need an abrasive material to be rubbed thoroughly on the surface, engraving pens perform much quicker using materials like tungsten carbide for its needle.

This niche of power tools is fast developing with new technologies being explored. Audel ensures you get an inventory to explore where the minimal testing hours and adhering to global benchmarks in this segment have been duly followed. These engraving pens use resilient needles that seem immune to the impermeable nature of the material. Using tooling technologies like compressed air these pens ensure ease of use with very low vibrations. You get the assurance of keep, sharp text or marks.

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