Concrete Grinders

A concrete grinder is easy-to-operate, high-power equipment that is used for grinding, honing, and polishing concrete—conventionally found at construction sites, it is now looked upon as an essential tool. Understanding this critical requirement, Audel brings to you different concrete grinder designs with different working dimensions, motor sizes, weight range, and power requirements.

Audel brings to you the entire range of products applied in the niche of Concrete Floor Polishing, particularly the cordless options where the electrical power range stretches form single-phase 110 volt to nearly 220 volt. You might also come across three-phase options, where the voltage can go up to 460. From smaller single-headed motors to those packing more than 40 horsepower, you can explore different options at this online store. Weight is a serious consideration when buying such equipment. Understanding this, Audel provides detailed product descriptions, also from the shipping perspective, helping you make quick calculations.

Audel brings to you handpicked power tools, options that have been evaluated for adhering to international standards of performance and safety. An international-level web store, Audel is based in Australia with a unique network of distributors and retailers to ensure you get the best deals.

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