In-line Sanders


Air Inline Sanders are among the most widely used, heavy-duty machines for generating straight-line scratches and finishing assignments for different types of metal sheets on the jobsite. Being a standard jobsite tool, Audel has taken special care to create an exhaustive listing of in-line sanders that meet international standards of performance.

Pneumatic Inline Sanders are capable of generating as well as storing straight-line finishes without producing any sort of chatter.  An Air Inline Sander can easily generate the dual piston air up to 3000 SPM (strokes per minute) in order to cover large areas. Most of the regular models can generously sand up to 1" stroke.  Buying such hi-end inline sanders without wasting much time and money leads to the ultimate online tool destination – Audel!

Audel is a well-known online store that has been revolutionizing the tooling world with its innovative power tools and special discount & shipping polices. We deal in all types of branded options for conventional and contemporary tools. Having a robust construction, these Inline Sanders comes with tensioned spring clamps, which enable easy and frequent paper changes.  These power-operated sanders are well tested for different industrial criteria, ensuring that the sanders deliver in terms of safety and performance.

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