Heat Guns

Heat gun or hot air guns are an essential part of worksites where intense temperatures are often needed to loosen, shrink, or melt different materials. They are employed by heavy-duty users and DIY aspirators, now a part of standard jobsite kits. Audel presents a wide range of heat guns for all the standard uses, such as:

•    Retail wrapping material shrinking
•    Mold heating different materials
•    Loosening rusted metallic bits
•    Vinyl material repairs
•    Bending plumbing materials
•    Bodily repairs in automobile niche
•    De-soldering

This includes heat guns with features like:

•    Digital readout
•    Variable temperature control
•    Airflow setting
•    Programmable settings
•    Auto-calibration
•    Surface stands
•    Airflow setting system
•    Ceramic heating element

Audel provides nearly every popular industrial heat gun used today with a wide bracket of power ranging from 1000W to 2000W. You can also choose heat guns with electronically controlled temperature settings, which ensures that irrespective of the difficulty of the application, there is no scope for over-fanning or glass cornering. Relying on its quick product delivery network and industry-wide relationships Audel tries its best to combine humble shipping charges with reasonable pricing, ensuring you get the best online deals for heat guns.

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