Considered one of the most versatile tooling options across different types of jobsites, Routers can perform everything from making holes to trimming edges on a jobsite. All routers are essentially hand tools that use an electric-motor-driven spindle to process its action. Audel is a well-known store, engaged in the trading of power-efficient routers for over forty years. Audel specializes in procuring and selling the most trusted routers from brands with an impeccable record of delivering up to and beyond the expected mark for performance.

Variations Available
Audel provides these Routers in different styles ensuring you have a bigger range to make the most relevant choice:
•    Plunge
•    D-handled
•    Double Knob Handled

From Top Brands
All router models possess variable speed controlling feature with a natural soft-start feature. Moreover Audel keeps a check on the latest safety requirements and provides Router with toggle type on / off switch.  By including the best of global router brands, Audel enables your access to the best-sellers from globally respected tooling giants like Dewalt, Makita, and Hitachi. Having a unique distribution and procurement network, Audel is also appreciated for ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. At Audel, you get the choice to choose from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch routers as per your job applications, fully assured that you will get 100% authentic products at competitive pricing.

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