Magnetic Drills


Drilling machines are one of the most significant machine tools for tool room professionals. Even people with more than basic DIY knowledge swear by the utility of magnetic drills that are considered among the latest and the most progressive type of drilling machines. These machine tools are widely known as Slugger Drills—conventionally used to bore heavy metal sections like steel, iron, and even hardwood. To cater to the needs of professionals, we have sourced a wide range of Magnetic Drills from the best brands. Our emphasis remains on safety, efficiency, and energy conservation along with durability.
These Magnetic Drills, due to their ease in functionality, are popular among people taking upon small to medium-level home projects. We offer Magnetic Drills bought from premium brands—Fein, Holemaker, Hougen, Nitto, Rotabroach and White Evolution. All Magnetic Drill variants offered by us come with heavy and robust construction that ensures stability and safety during the drilling process. The magnetic base of the drilling machine helps it to attach to the metallic sheet and bore a drill easily without any fuss. The compact and mobile design of the machine allows it to be carried and used anywhere at ease. These magnetic drills are available under two major categories as follows:

  • Manual Feed: In such machines, force is applied manually to drive the drill bit into the metal job/sheet.
  • Auto Feed: In such machines, force is applied automatically, without any human intervention, to drive the drill bit into the metal job/sheet.

Unlike normal and heavy duty drilling machines, our range of the latest magnetic drills use hollow annular drill bits that require lesser horsepower to operate.  Some features of these state-of-the-art magnetic drills:

  • Powerful magnetic base
  • Left or right hand feed handles operation
  • High compactness
  • Positive slug ejection

With our expertise and experience in providing the best power tools to our customers, we ensure the availability of quality products at competitive price range.

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