Door Accessories

Door lock installation kit is widely trusted for security purpose stated with the design of locks. These locks can be for metal doors or even, wooden doors and can be easily installed using Door Lock Installation Kit. Audel is a prestigious webstore that has been dealing Door Lock Installation kits & door lock mortisers. Our ideal door lock installation kit includes double sided jig, bolt plate template, custom router bit, hinge plate template, 54mm and 25.4mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw and a 9.5mm Mandrel.

Securing Maximum Output with Audel
Audel ensures that every jobsite activity is timely completed without any sort of inconvenience using the offered Tools & accessories. Using our Door Lock Kit enables easy millwork, remodeling, commercial as well as trimming sites. Exploring this door lock kit, you can simply drill, route and install door locks as three simple steps.

Audel Offers Hi-Performance Door Lock Mortisers & Installation Kits Online
Door Lock Mortisers ensure a 2-times longer life than carbon hole Door Lock Mortisers. These door lock mortisers and installation kits available with Audel can automatically set the cutter to the center of a door. After the registration, these tools ensure precise cuts for installing locks, quite effortlessly.

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