Audel is the leading online marketplace for discounted deals on branded ladders. Most of these are heavy load-bearing, industrial strength ladders but they can be used in the domestic space too. With more than four decades of experience in manufacturing, warehousing and retailing industrial tools, Audel has the expertise to ensure you get lightweight-yet-sturdy ladders at bargain deals. This includes many standard-sized ladders and some customized for particular industrial environments.

All Branded Ladders Under One, Online Roof
Recently, there has been an increased demand for extension ladders and bigger domestic ladders for which we are refurbishing our inventory. Audel has a wide inventory of high-strength ladders, including those made of resilient but extremely light aluminum apart from maintenance and heavy machinery ladders.

At Audel, the focus remains on understanding the consumer’s mindset and then creating strategic pathways to create value-centric solutions. This is why we are identifying multi-purpose ladders well suited to different working environments. Our products meet or exceed international standards for quality of construction and occupational safety.

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