Bolt & Screw Extractors

Audel is a reliable online store, widely approached by heavy duty enthusiasts for buying industrial tools and accessories – Bolt Screw Extractors via online. These Bolt Screw Extractors are perfect to remove broken studs, bolts, socket screws and fittings. Whether you are dealing with the most stubborn bolts and screws, Audel is the ultimate location to be explored for every such tooling requirement.

The Functioning Of Bolt Screw Extractors
These Bolt Screw Extractors mostly feature left hand spiral design enabling extra gripping power for every industrial activity. These extractors come with Spiral flutes, which can embed into the metal pieces. These bolt screw extractors increase the fastener resistance, which ultimately facilitate for enhanced extractor's grip. Depending upon the size of extractor and drill bit size, you can easily browse through the collection of Bolt Screw Extractors available at Audel.

Visit Audel for Branded Bolt & Screw Extractors Online
To use this Bolt & Screw Extractor for removing a screw, you have to drill a pilot hole in the broken fixing and screw in using LH-threaded extractor for easy removal of screws and bolts. For exploring the comprehensive array of branded Bolt & Screw Extractors online, then visit Audel in a few simple clicks.

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