Core Drills

Core drilling is one of the most understated aspects of construction assignments, seldom given due credit, considering its involvement of some serious manpower and motor power. Choosing the right core-drilling tool is now easier with Audel—the leading online marketplace, with a global presence that offers all types of cordless power tools. Based in Australia, with a physical store too, Audel has emerged as the favorite tool-buying online destination for DIY enthusiasts and professional tool users.

Audel provides you ample range of options to exercise your choice. For instance, some of our cordless drills are best suited for job sites, where you need various core sizes as a part of a single assignment. The range of core drills at Audel features all the standard options like wet core drills and dry core drills. Depending upon the choice of core drill bits, you can also look for models with speed control features.

At Audel, we understand that productivity and budget are the paramount in selecting the most relevant core drill. Keeping this in mind, we have brought together the best of branded options in this segment, such as TWM Millers Falls PT3505 Diamond Core Drill 1500W and TWM Millers Falls PT3450 Diamond Core Drill Heavy Duty.

You can make smarter selection with systematically categorized products with brief information covering all the main features and a dedicated, quick tab for providing you quick calculations on essentials like shipping charges. At Audel, we make sincere efforts to close on the distance between you and the best possible online deals for Cordless Core Drills.

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