Face Protection

Having proper face protection is essential for any kind of jobsite activity. Out of the most common methods, Face shield is used to protect wearer’s face as well as other portions from hazards. It is always advised to use face shield in combinations with proper eye gear. If you are planning to buy face protection for your jobsite workers, then look for Audel online.

Audel Power Tools is one of the largest tooling stores, which are dealing in face protection gears at the most competitive rates. Our inventory includes durable and reliable face shields, which can save your face from hazards like flying objects, road debris, chemical splashes or infectious fluids.

Ideally, these face protection gears are made from dependable polymers such as Polycarbonate (PC) and Cellulose acetate (CA). Because of such materials, these face shields have impressive impact resistance, higher optical quality and moderate chemical resistance properties. Try out our exclusive range of Face Protection gears in a few simple clicks, without burning holes into your pockets.

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