Cut Off Wheels


Cut off wheels are known as parting wheels, which can easily sharpen using reinforced radial fibres. Also referred as self-sharpening wheels, these cut-off wheels are comparatively thinner in width. Used in a barrel full of jobsite activities, these cut off wheels are widely preferred to be used on construction sites. If you are also engage in a trimming or cutting assignment, buying these cut-off wheels from Audel would be of great help.

Different Types of Cut-off Wheels Available At Audel
Audel is a four-decade power tool operator, which has been creating waves for offering branded Cut-off wheels at the most competitive prices. Also availed for DIY and hobby assignments, these cutting reinforcement bars or re-bars are used for extending out bolts and trimming related activities. At Audel, you can avail three different types of Cut-off Wheels to match your specific jobsite demands:-

•    Masonry Cut-Off Wheels
Masonry Cut-Off Wheels are cut off wheels, which are dedicated to work in combination with angle grinder. These Masonry Cut-Off Wheels can make fast and clean cuts in tile, brick and stone.

•    Aluminum Cut-Off Wheels
Aluminum Cut-Off Wheels are special wheels, which are highly recommended for cutting metal profile, steel mesh, stainless steel and aluminium.

•    Metal Cut-Off Wheels
Metal Cut-Off Wheels are used for cutting metal, steel, stainless steel, Aluminium as well as some non-ferrous metals.

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