Audel was there when Bosch introduced the jigsaw to the world, appreciating and applauding this progress in modern tools. While jigsaw innovations from Bosch and other tooling giants have continued, Audel has been busy in exploring, selecting, and curating the best options for you. From precise sawing at different angles to more heavy-duty applications, if there is an industrial jigsaw being used across the world, you will find it at Audel.

From proper jigsaw tools that have become the golden standard for precision tooling to more recent, compact versions for optimal intricate cutting, Audel provides you a wide range of jigsaws. Each product is listed with accurate details to ensure you can make a correct, properly informed decision. Options include the materials used for making reciprocating saw blades and differently tuned motors.

From conventional jigsaws that are still commonly referred to as Scroll Saws, Audel has managed to create the most compressive online inventory of power jigsaws, including those referred to as the Saber Saw or Bayonet Saw. You can choose jigsaws with different types of blades, including those with different TPI (Teeth Per Inch). Our range of options include jobsite jigsaws with bevel functions on the sole plate that allow better angled cutting performance, typically up to 45 degrees, easily managing the vertical stroke—important when handling Miter Joints. Options include jigsaws with features like push stroke cutting blade and cranked blades, ensuring you can offer a wider range of cutting applications.

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