Even electrical charge powered screwdrivers are often referred to as hand-powered tools. This is because the utility of a screwdriver is largely based on the kind of handling experience it offers. This pertains to the kind of grip on offer and the tool’s ability to maintain stability even during heavy-duty applications, ensuring that the user is minimally discomforted. If you are looking for high-performance screwdrivers that perform with great speed and deliver high torque, spend a few moments browsing through the vast collection of power tools at Audel.

Handle of screwdrivers remain a key factor in the selection. Audel offers screwdrivers with palm-fit handles that provide a firm, ergonomic grip, letting you work in tighter spaces and even with stubborn fasteners, with utmost ease.

Audel has employed several technical heads, who play an effective role in preparing the inventory of screwdrivers. They ensure that each screwdriver on offer follows the industrial standards so that you get the assurance of uncompromised hand control and the best speed-torque ratio.  Audel offers various multi-bit screwdrivers, which are supplied with interchangeable adaptors. For instance, Multi-Bit Screwdrivers can magnetically hold a variety of bits—from ¼-inch hex drive Phillips to ¼-inch hex drive. With Audel, you can be assured of getting the tight tool at the right price.

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