Parts Washers

Cleaning your metal parts is among the top activities followed by jobsite enthusiasts. Parts washers can be bench-top, drum-mounted and free-standing depending upon the type of jobsite activity.  Available in a wide range of industrial capacities, these part washers can be 1-, 3-, 5-, 20-, 40-, and 60-gal.

For Every Industrial Assignment
Suiting different industries such as bioremediation, ultrasonic, re-circulating and agitating, these soaker parts washers are perfect to use in solvents and aqueous solutions. Audel offers Parts Washers that use pressurized jets of hot water and specialized detergents to deliver cleaning power that is far more efficient than washing parts by hand.

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These industrial Parts Washers are perfect aqueous based, industrial size washers, which can automatically clean every part in 15 to 20 minutes. Far superior to washing by hand, these Parts Washers are always preferred over other similar contemporary washing options. If you want you to buy Parts Washers, procured from top brands through an online medium, Audel would be the ultimate destination to explore.

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