Air Dryers & Treatment

Audel has carved a niche in the sphere of power-packed air dryers suitable for industrial applications. Our array of refrigerated air dryers features the most trusted components, like Shell and Copper tube heat exchangers. This enables smooth heat exchange from the machine. Regulating on a non-cyclic system (provision of hot gas), these refrigerated air dryers are energy efficient and come equipped with overload safety trips.

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Audel’s offers the largest online inventory of air dryers for different tooling requirements. Mostly used for executing heat exchanging with precision, these are an intrinsic part at refrigeration industries. Refrigerated Air Dryers are designed to cool down the hot incoming air and further reduce the size of compressor. Besides cooling the hot incoming air, these refrigerated air dryers increase the temperature of outgoing air and avoid any chances of re-condensation.  

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Be it commercial or domestic requirements, our refrigerated air dryers can be used to dry air in almost every setting. Mostly, these dryers are used for jobsite assignments¬– painting and textile manufacturing. These air dryers are also used as feed air for Zeolite type Oxygen and Nitrogen generators. At Audel, you can choose from a wide range of refrigerated air dryers, ranging from 3000 CFM to 10000 CFM.

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