Spray Equipment & Sand Blasting


Audel is one of the leading retailers of industry-standard high-quality power tools including Spray Equipment & Sand Blasting. Sand Blasting is one of the integral processes across various industries that requires cleaning surface, smoothening of rough surface and shaping a surface. The entire process requires a whole setup that includes Air and Fluid Hoses, Air Low Guns or Air Brushes and Pressure Pots. Sandblast Cabinet is another option that is useful for sand blasting smaller items.

Sand Blasting for your Needs
Sand Blasting is a process that incorporates forcing a stream of abrasive material like sand against a surface under high pressure to shape a surface or smooth a rough surface. This process is also used to clean a surface of unnecessary particles and contaminant. Sand has lost its ground as the primary media used for sand blasting due to the medical implications that the sands causes to the user. Other materials like powdered abrasives, copper slag, steel grits and walnut shells are increasingly being used for the blasting process. Whether sand blasting is needed for creating works of art, refurbishing buildings, cleaning industrial and commercial structures like boat hull, concrete work; at Audel, with our entire range of Sand Blasting equipments and accessories, we are sure to help you in your specific requirements.

Get Best Deal on Industry leading Sand Blasting Equipments
Audel offers the whole range of Spray & Sand Blasting equipments and accessories including different kind of Air & Fluid Hoses, Air Blow Guns and Air Brushes, Airless Paint Sprayers, Gravity/Suction feed Spray Guns, Pressure Pots and Spray Blasting Cabinet. These products are offered from the best in industry brands including JW Ross, Star Esdan, Workquip, Jamec, Kincrome, Star and more. So, if you are searching for the best Sand Blasting Equipments and Accessories, Audel can offer you the same at one of the most competitive prices.

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