Laminate Trimmers

A Laminate Trimmer is a standard tool found across most heavy-duty woodworking projects. It helps to trim laminates of varying thickness with ease. At Audel, we understand your demand for power tools like Laminate Trimmers and curate our selection accordingly, ensuring you get the safest, most trusted trimmers that meet the international standards for performance and durability.

Providing you a comprehensive array of Laminate Trims, we maintain the equilibrium between technological advancements and your varying jobsite requirements. Besides basic trimming, Laminate Trimmers find use in shaping and grooving jobs across various jobsites. In applications with a dedicated need to shape wood, laminate trimmers are among the most trusted heavy-duty tools. Audel addresses all such requirements with its range of Laminate Trims including those easily operated with a single hand and impressive collet capacity at 6.35 mm. Applications include trimming hinging mortises to make decorative beaded edges and smoothening sharp edges of a trimmed corner.

At Audel, you get the latest in Laminate Trimmers, including models that use rack and pinion mechanism. These trimmers provide amazing depth adjustment. Options include trimmers from leading brands like Makita—with a unique, transparent base! Ease of gripping is ensured with a rubberized soft grip that ensures tool users feel comfortable. Lightweight and maneuverable, you can feel assured about these features being incorporated in our range of Laminate Trimmers.

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