Audel is the leading online marketplace heavy-duty and lightweight electrical power tools. We comprehensively cover this niche, providing every tool useful for home renovation projects to production facilities. We have perfected our analytical, procurement and distribution network to ensure that in stock and ready-to-be-shipped electrical tools are highlighted. This ensures that you get the desired shipment without any delays or hassles. With more than four decades of experience in the wholesale marketplace, we have the credentials to supply standard electrical tools and accessories.

Comprehensive Range of Electrical Tools & Accessories
From construction to automotive and woodworking tools, we provide a wide range of options at discounted prices. This includes branded electrical tools, from voltage testers and multi-meters to work lights and voltage detectors. Moving away from the typical retail distribution channel, we have eradicated the role of intermediaries, ensuring you get high-performance electrical tools at reasonable prices. From acquisition of electrical tools from new brands to strategic tie-ups with manufacturers, we have established a system to ensure the inventory is never short on options.

Get the Audel Advantage
To ensure you can make a well-informed decision, our products are listed with detailed information. Our customer care representatives understand this segment, fully capable of helping you make better, money-saving deals.

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