Annular Cutters


Annual Cutters are tool accessories, which have similar working like a core drill. These cutters are designed to drill burr-free holes and performing better less-efficient Twist drills as well as hole saws. If you are planning to add these annual cutters to your tool kit, then visit Audel without thinking twice.

Exploring Annual Cutters at Audel
Spanning over 40 years, Audel has now become a distinguished name for distributing annual cutters to all over the world. Ideal as a multipoint cutting tool, these annular cutters ensure better functioning on materials like hi-speed steel and tungsten carbide tips.  Audel procures these annual cutters from top brands and offers at the most competitive rates.

Annual Cutters Over Conventional Drilling Tools
Annual Cutters, which work faster, easier and more accurate than conventional twist drills. Ensuring easy circular movement, these annular cutters are widely used for metal drilling assignments. Slight different in geometry and material, these annual cutters share similar blueprint with hole saws. These Annual Cutters can easily remove the material from metal to create better holes in a circular cross section.

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