Random Orbital Sanders

Random Orbital Sanders are also called Dual-Action Sanders. These are a bigger improvement over the traditional sanders. Audel brings to you its collection of random orbit sanders, featuring a sanding pattern that functions in such a way that no portion of the abrasive material travels in the same direction. You get latest features like Pad Brakes that help to maintain the optimum speed at all times.

Exploring Best Orbital Sanders is Now Easy
Our range of orbital finishing sanders includes lightweight models that are easy to grip and use with a single hand. These sanders ensure that the working surface is not damaged—this not the best bet for heavy stock removal. You can easily attach or detach these sanders to your central vacuum system for swift and effective evacuation of dust particles. Optimize your finishing needs by using the random orbital sanders that makes your work more secure, faster, and easier. Sand Paper disks are used by most of the Random Orbital Sanders, attached together by pressure sensitive adhesives.

Get the Audel Advantage
Being tooling experts, Audel understand the slightly different dynamics of the random orbital sander that falls somewhere between an orbital finishing and a belt sander. The overall design is similar to orbital sanders particularly in terms of palm-gripped tops and compact housing. However, the random orbit sander comes with a rounded sanding pad. It can easily smooth hardened putty. These are also called quarter sheet sanding tools. You get the freedom of moving the sanding action in any direction.

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