Jack Stands

Audel brings out the finest collection of Jack Stands to impress automobile owners spread all over the globe. A Jack Stands can be described as a tool accessory, which includes two heavy-duty steel jacks with a load capacity of 2721.55 kgs or 6000 lbs. whether you are stuck in a tire changing emergency, these  jack stands are perfect to use with solid handles and self-locking ratchets. If you are planning to buy these compact-size Jack Stands online, then browse the collection available at Audel.

Browsing the Finest Collection of Steel Jack Stands At Audel
Audel’s steel jack stands are not only known for lightweight mobility, but also for offering a snug fit with roadside equipment. Easy to operate, these Jack Stands are perfect to use with a double-locking pawl and ensure extra protection owing to the patent tooth design.

Working Ease with Our Jack Stands
At Audel, we tend to focus only on quality as the rule for industrial acceptance of our products. This is why, our jack stands are made of heavy-duty steel as per the laid ANSI/ASME engineering standards. Regulating for easy and convenient tire replacements, you can simply avail the best deals on Jack Stands in a few simple clicks.

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