Engineering Tools


Audel is quickly spreading its footprints in the global marketplace for engineering products. Audel presents a wide array of engineering products applicable from DIY projects to research & development facilities, from vehicular assembling units to construction sites, and aerospace applications, we have addressed nearly every requirement in the space of standard and innovative engineering products.

Audel works closely with makers, distributors and end-users of such products. With manufacturing of power tools and exploring their applications in its DNA, Audel has the expertise for correctly evaluating engineering product makers apart from category leaders that continue to outsell their counterparts due to their international recognition.

Comprehensive Range of Industrial Engineering Products
A testament to providing precision tools that promise money-for-value, Audel selects engineering supplies that meet the international standards for quality and safety. You will find leading engineering supplies brands here since Audel is aggressively expanding its market presence, breaking through markets that were once considered unfeasible or uneconomic.

Get the Audel Advantage
At Audel, we believe, that an unanswered demand is a business opportunity lost. This is why we have created different supply routes across different markets to ensure that our prices are at their competitive best and we do not have to compromise on the quality of engineering products supplied.

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