Designed to optimize the user’s comfort and ease typical chiseling requirements, a power chisel is used for characteristic jobsite requirements like removing the body panels, ceramic walls, and floor tiles. Suiting most industrial applications, you can avail these chiselers in different formats — traditional, flat, gouged profile, heavy bullnose, and scaling bits. Because of compact size and a firm grip, chiselers are used a standard power tools in woodworking, stone carving, and construction related assignments. Enabling freehand power chiseling, the complete collection is suited for all types of detailing on letters, drawing lines and highlights.

A Power Chisel suits a broad spectrum of applications such as cutting, descaling, breaking concrete, removing grout, and cleaning flux from welding jobs. Power chisel operates using motor or compressed air, which ultimately reduces the laborer’s effort and works faster than any contemporary chiseling tool. In complete harmony with the varying industrial tooling requirements, Audel presents to you a wide range of high-end chiselers, giving you the advantage of making quick, online comparisons. Chisels offered here, have sealed bearings that is responsible longer motor life.

Please watch this space as we continue to add more power chiselers to this growing stock, ensuring each listing is worthy for its price and your trust in our services.

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