Arbors & Pilot Drills

Arbors are special tools, which are designed to ensure a wider cutting access on wires and pipes. These arbors function as bi-metallic cutters for rebate cutting on floors. Using these arbors, you can ensure precise cuts in less than a minute. An ideal arbor consists of 3 pieces - the arbor, the arbor holder and the coupling nut. These arbors are designed to work on "pull through" principle. An arbor easily slips onto the arbor and its threaded end is pushed upwards. With drawbar threads, these arbors function like a standard arbor into a coupling nut.

Pilot Drills
Pilot Drills are special power-operated drilling tool accessories, which allow for cleaner and more accurate holes, as per the varying jobsite application. Having unique point, these drills are perfect for reduced lock-up on breakthrough.

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