Butane & LPG Gas Torches

Butane and LPG Gas Torches are special devices used to heat wires, cables, joints and other applicants. Mostly, these gas torches are suited for varied metal working applications such as soft soldering, occasional brazing as well as paint stripping. One of the most popular wielding appliances, Butane LPG gas torch offers additional storage for a spare burner.

Audel: The Ultimate Online Store For Hi-Performance Gas Torches
If you are looking for handy and high-performance Butane and LPG Gas Torches without putting much labor and money, then visiting Audel would be the ultimate solution. Being a reputed power tool operator in Australia, Audel Power Tools here, offers Butane and LPG Gas Torches in a plethora of sizes and output power options.

Complete Clarity Till Final Delivery
Most of the models under the ambit of high-profile Gas Torches can be availed in a selection of broad-flame nozzles. Procured from top brands, Audel provides these torches with a standard gas hose as well as a regulator. In addition, Audel also ensures complete accuracy and transparency from dispatch to the delivery. Here, you can easily calculate your shipping charges and have a clear estimate of amount to be paid at the time of delivery.